Eco-designed website

Eco-designing websites means combining an elegant, sober and minimalist design with a lightweight structure and a limited number of tabs. From reducing the weight of pages to the size of the visuals used, through to optimising files and making them smaller, we are committed, using validation tools, to distributing a website with a considerably smaller carbon footprint than standard websites.

Ecodesign guidelines :

  • Streamlining the CMS used by deleting unused resources, optimising the framework and minimising CSS and JS files,
  • Limiting the use of plugins,
  • Explicit naming of navigation links and buttons,
  • A simplified style sheet with a low number of different fonts used,
  • Limited use of visual photos and interactive elements,
  • W3C validation: use of standards, elimination of redundancies in the code and simplification of the HMTL structure,
  • Eco-responsible hosting with low environmental impact

Doing better with less and moving towards digital sobriety

Mikaël & Alizée Pélégry
Chemin des aires
Lieu-dit Azinières
12620 Saint-Beauzély

The ideal stopover on the doorstep of the Millau Viaduct, 5 minutes from the A75 motorway (Exit 45): Located in a quiet hamlet 5 km from Saint-Beauzély and 10 km from Millau, in the Grands Causses Regional Nature Park.