Les Caselles

The heritage of a caussenarde farm in aveyron - south of France

Les Caselles

A farmhouse on the Causse

From local history to sustainable, quality tourism

The history of our farmhouse "Les Caselles" dates back to the 17th century. An authentic Aveyron building in the heart of the Grands Causses Natural Park, it benefits from sandstone quarries and the expertise of the famous builders of the nearby village of Saint-Beauzely..

Close to the town of Millau, the Gorges du Tarn and the Larzac plateau, Saint-Beauzely is the birthplace of the builders of the fortifications of the Templar and Hospital cities (villages of La Couvertoirade, La Cavalerie, Sainte-Eulalie de Cernon, etc.).

A large-scale Causses farm in the picturesque hamlet of Azinières, for many years it contributed to the renown of the "king of cheeses", the Roquefort cheese. At its peak, the farm covered more than 400 hectares, allowing the ewes to come and go on the poor land of the Causse Rouge, rich in exceptional flora.

Sheep farming at the heart of the ecological balance of the Grands Causses Regional Nature Park!

The years went by and the farm, entrusted to tenant farmers, became less and less suited to running a modern farm. Abandonment and a lack of renovation threatened the proud Caussenarde building.

It was in the year 2000 that a buyer embarked on the adventure of an extraordinary renovation, with the initial project of a farm inn, so that the tourist project could come to life. The first travellers finally discovered "Les Caselles".

Guest charming rooms private in Aveyron, spa, sauna, heated indoor pool
Bed and breakfast in Aveyron Millau south of France quality and charming


In the winter of 2020, Mikaël and Alizée Pélégry decided to turn their lives upside down.

As the director of a Parisian theatre, the major events of 2015 linked to the performing arts led Mikaël to reflect on his priorities in life. More recently, the birth of his daughter and the desire to offer her a unique living environment finally convinced him to turn the page on his professional life and move to Aveyron, the county where his family was born.

Faced with environmental challenges, Mikaël and Alizée set themselves the ambitious goal of transforming this old farmhouse into an eco-friendly, low-energy home.

Their leitmotivs: quality and ecological transition for sustainable and responsible tourism.

Thanks to the expertise of local companies, energy consumption is comparable to that of a single-family home in a building that houses 5 top-of-the-range guest rooms, a charming gite and numerous communal and private areas.

Guest house with table d'hôtes in Aveyron for family or business stays near Millau
Ecological, eco-responsible, modern and ethical bed and breakfast in Aveyron

Today, they are proud to be able to make their customers feel less guilty and more responsible by offering them high-performance, eco-responsible equipment. From simple gestures to major works, we reinvent ourselves on a daily basis. Whether it's changing our heating system, converting all our lights to LEDs, using rainwater, installing solar panels or a charging point for electric vehicles, every action counts as part of a sustainable and responsible approach to tourism.

Adapting to climate change is our priority!

The table d'hotes is no exception to the rule either. The choice of short circuits is an obvious one, using fresh, local, quality products to help you discover our producers and the richness of our Aveyron region.

Finally, Mikaël and Alizée want to share the welcome and image of a real Aveyron house and become one of the best guest houses in the region. Friendliness and quality are the guiding principles behind the high standards they set themselves to offer each visitor a remarkable experience.

This "slow tourism" project will attract as many people as possible to Aveyron for picturesque, sporting and green holidays!

Mikaël & Alizée Pélégry
Chemin des aires
Lieu-dit Azinières
12620 Saint-Beauzély

The ideal stopover on the doorstep of the Millau Viaduct, 5 minutes from the A75 motorway (Exit 45): Located in a quiet hamlet 5 km from Saint-Beauzély and 10 km from Millau, in the Grands Causses Regional Nature Park.